Long-Reach Hedge Trimmer - How to Use

Choosing any technique, we basically ask two questions:

  • How long will it serve?
  • How productive will it work?

Care for the home garden includes many operations, among which is pruning trees from unnecessary twigs, giving a special form to the crowns of fruit trees, as well as the formation of the appearance of bushes and green hedges. Care of green plantations is not only a pleasant aesthetic appearance, pleasing to the eye, but also the creation of a correct circulation of internal processes of trees and bushes.

A skyscraper - a simple construction from the holder, the motor and the saw will help the gardener amateur or professional decorator to cope with pruning branches at high altitude without attracting improvised means. Agree, working on a hard ground is much more convenient than on a rickety staircase.


Electric shutters have a number of important advantages. The appliance is ready for use as soon as the operator switches it on to the power outlet. To operate the device, only a stationary power supply is necessary. The electric drive does not create noise, than it is attractive for fans of silence and comfort. The engine does not emit toxic emissions, what shows concern for nature and human health. Extremely simple management and low weight, http://www.eameswords.com/best-gas-hedge-trimmers-under-100.html as well as lack of maintenance are indisputable advantages for women and people who are poorly versed in technical intricacies. It should be noted that the boundaries of the workspace are somewhat limited by the network cable. But, the extension cable connection easily copes with this problem. The cutting headset will perfectly cope with the household needs of a small garden. In the electric tool, the motor is located near the cutting part. Direct drive provides more efficiency and high torque.

Petrol skyscraper - this is at times increased power, and hence performance. Such tools are equipped, as a rule, with professional nozzles, which are capable of performing particularly complex operations, are designed for continuous work for several hours a day. The internal combustion engine drives the cutting tool, so the user can as far away as possible from the house. The unit can be charged directly at the workplace. Such devices are often used by municipal services, where speed and autonomy are valued. Increased engine's motor life is an additional advantage of the gasoline tool. The device has some emissions of exhaust gases and increased sound pressure, these parameters are reduced with each new model. Since the leading manufacturers are using more and more new and advanced technologies, the purpose of which is to create maximum comfortable and safe conditions for the consumer's work. In petrol models, the engine is at the bottom of the tool, and the shaft runs inside the bar. Such apparatuses are offered in two variants of the barrel collapsible and integral. The collapsible rod, of course, is more attractive for transportation, since it does not require much space.