How to Use an Electric Hedge Trimmer


The duration of the operation of the device and its productivity directly depends on the engine power. The more power, the greater the diameter of the branch is able to cut the skyscraper. The engine capacity of about 1 kW is enough for periodic work in the suburban area. And the tool is capable of cutting off gas hedge trimmer up to 2 cm in diameter. A powerful engine of more than 1 kW is equipped with gasoline high-rises, for which productivity is important, first of all. Such models have a long working life, more than a thousand hours.


A different length of the tire from 20 to 50 cm is chosen for reasons why the instrument is being purchased. Whether it is necessary for the operator to be pawned on the big length of the tire, whether the similar variant of the unit is useful to him. For a small garden and low trees it is enough to have a length of 20 to 25 cm. It is unlikely that the operator will need a longer construction. For operation in large parks with lush vegetation, longer cutting blocks are selected which will ensure high productivity and the fastest possible operation.

A chain is put on a fixed tire, in analogy with chain saws. The compact cutting part will help the user to reach the thickest thickets. The famous American manufacturer Oregon offers tires of various lengths with a standard chain pitch of 0.325 inches or in increments of 0.404 inches, which corresponds to the tools of the amateur and professional classes. From the step of the chain depends the complexity and quality of the operations. A big step is equipped with professional-grade devices that will cope with damp.


Extendable rods of household appliances in the assembled position have a length of about 170 cm, due to the withdrawable mechanism can reach 240-280 cm. With professional tools, the retractable rod increases more than 450 cm in length.

The telescopic bar will help the operator to reach the highest branches without installing a sliding ladder. Using a high-rise without a telescopic bar turns it into a regular saw. Non-extendable bar length up to 2 m. It is designed for trimming low-growing trees and shrubs of medium height.

Rubberized rod inserts do not allow the tool to slide during operation, provide a strong and reliable grip for hands.


Easy chain tension without the use of special tools will help the user to quickly cope with the tightening of the chain in the workplace. There is a special mechanism for this. To tension the saw with tools, it is necessary to remove the safety cover that closes the tire support. The process of tension itself takes only a few minutes. The time of its service depends on the timely and correct stretching of the chain.