Buying Guide - Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

A skyscraper is a device designed to form and prune the crowns of trees and shrubs from the ground without resorting to additional lifting means on a straight or raised terrain. Literally five years ago in Ukraine, the high-rises were considered an outlandish "western" toy, fortunately their situation has now changed. A large number of summer residents, gardeners and amateurs communal services were able to assess all its advantages and dignities. Now in the Ukrainian market there is a large number of similar products, in various price categories and various characteristics. In fact, the design of the skyscrapers is very similar to the design of garden trimmers, but relates to the class of specialized saws. The main difference is the presence of a telescopic (extendable) rod up to 3 meters (depending on the model) and a cutting headset. The performance of the jeeps directly depends on the engine power, as well as on the parameters of the cutting headset.

Varieties of skyscrapers and their advantages

Electric skyscrapers - a device powered by an electrical system, equipped with a drive operated by an electric motor. The main advantages of electric skyscrapers are: not a high retail price, high power, ease of use, the availability of a professional cutting head in the form of a chain saw, low noise, simplified maintenance and light weight. Cons: perhaps, only one - not autonomy. But in the case of application in the garden garden areas, this problem is usually easily overcome by the presence of an extension cord or additional sockets. Ikra Mogatec presents a number of models in the electrical series.

Heater IEAS 600 - Power 600 W, Oregon tire 20 cm, automatic chain lubrication, adjustable handle angle, telescopic handle, working length 4m, weight 3.4kg.

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Electric brush cutter THS 500 - Power 500 W, blade length 39 cm, blade width 18 mm, double blade, 6 angle adjustment positions (up to 135 degrees), telescopic tube, variable height adjustment, working height 4 m, weight 4 kg.

Electric brushcutter 2 in1 ITHK 800- 800W power, brush cutter 41 cm, + Oregon tire 20 cm, adjustable handle angle, telescopic handle, working length 4m.

Electric skier EAS 750 F - Power 750 W, bus 20 cm, telescopic rod made of optical fiber, telescopic bar extension in the range of 1.95 - 2.90 m, soft cover of the grip area of the hand-rail, hand strap, shoulder strap included , leading sprocket on the tire, cable clamp, weight 3.6 kg.

Petrol skyscraper - a garden tool driven by an internal combustion engine and having very significant performance. The main advantages: autonomy, professional headset, the ability to work in all weather conditions. The disadvantages are: high prices, high noise level, weight, as well as special services. The main purpose of gasoline high altitude - work in forest parks.

The height of the gasoline IBAS 3330 is 1.2 hp, the engine displacement is 32.7 ccm, the Oregon tire is 30 cm, the fuel tank is 900 ml, the working length is 4 m, the handle can be extended by 80 cm, the saw chain is 110 cm with adjustable angle, weight 8,35kg.