Air Compressor Safety Guide


Let's imagine that you became a lucky owner of a new air compressor. When it comes to using an air machine, safety should always be the first concern at all times. Whether it is going to be used to clean, to eliminate gases or just to do simple maintenance activities – safety must be the first thing to make sure of.

Working safely with an air compressor is an excellent way of achieving a high morale within a team of workers, making sure that every goal is accomplished and avoiding potential accidents. When you use it by yourself, a machine being handled safely can improve your overall productivity and help you save money, effort and time.

The Manual Comes First

When they are used incorrectly, even the slightest of errors can cause damage to you, the machine and your surroundings. That is why it is of utmost importance to always read instructions carefully and make sure you handle your compressor safely. However, there are some rules about handling such device not everyone knows about.

Using an Air Compressor Correctly

When you use an air machine, you should make certain that you are trained, experienced or at least know how to use it correctly. Do not make the mistake of improvising, as it can come off really badly.

Also, you should never inhale anything that goes inside the machine, as the air tends to contain hazardous molecules like carbon monoxide and other pollutants that could harm your health.

When you refuel your air device, you have to make sure that it is not activated. An air compressor should never be refueled when activated, the same when you want to change the oil, as heated machines can actually get damaged pretty bad if you changed their energy sources when activated. Try to refuel and change oil only when cold and not activated for hours.

On the other hand, every time you power on your compressor, it is important to be convinced that no tool is being pulled by the trigger. You need to connect the hose before using it and then use the compression valve to make sure the machine is compressed before using it for better performance and damage avoidance.

And last but not least, never connect the equipment to an outlet without proper grounding. Electric failures in compressors will for sure damage the equipment and potentially damage the user. Avoid working with unstable electric currents as well.

Look at this video on How to Use an Air Compressor for more tips.

Also, remember…

Using an air device safely is no hard job. However, many people tend to forget about it and sometimes even end up having really bad injuries and causing accidents within their workplace. This is why we recommend to always operate air machines correctly, making sure you follow safety instructions and use the proper gear.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics affirms that 125,000 cases of people who used air compressors incorrectly end up having hearing loss problems. Every time you it, be convinced you use it complying with safety measures, like proper protection glasses, ear pads to avoid hearing problems and a facemask to avoid any type of molecule entering your nose or mouth.

But always remember that the best method to operate an air compressor safely is to use it with common sense. Avoid injuries and accidents; work with it carefully.